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About Linda Cusmano
A warm Hello to you!
Welcome to my Online Fitness.  Thank you for your interest, I'm glad you stopped by.  Here I will tell you a little bit about me in relation to fitness.
The focus with fitness means motivating and inspiring others to do what they may not believe they can achieve.  The goal is to change peoples personal perspective of themselves and health, showing them they can do more than they have confidence in attaining.  Holding a certain consistency with a type of influential presentation is essential.
Many people don't realize my childhood was very opposite to where fitness lead me.  

I grew up with Chronic Bronchial Asthma plus severe allergies, regularly spending most of my childhood sick at home or in hospitals with Pneumonia.  
I wanted to be active but my body was not able.  Any activity I would try while healthy would last a few weeks and end with me having to quit from losing too much time away.  
Dance, gymnastics and even piano were things you needed to be consistent with in attendance.
In my teens I began into the world of eating disorders and anorexia.  Fitness was my key to recovery and maintaining wellness.
The result of these childhood health concerns combined with the medication treatments resulted in Osteo Arthritis, which I conquer daily through exercise and nutrition.
Thanks to my drive toward always moving, my high energy led me to Fitness where I found a true passion.  Fitness translated into a very early aged self-employed career.  It empowered me in the pursuit of dreams I would never have imagined trying such as kickboxing, published writing, modelling, competing at pro levels and feeling invincible.
I have been blessed to be able to help others with similar health learn to normalize their lives through fitness and nutrition.  These challenges were what took me to levels in health that I may have never explored, in turn giving me a career I was meant to do and absolutely adore.  I work with health professionals in many fields both western and eastern giving me an effective edge.  Right into my career I began working with  sport, workplace and auto injuries at levels most experience trainers don't touch.  This increased my confidence and ability very early on.  It's wonderful opportunities like this that are rare and make a trainer elite .  I am very grateful for those who took me under their wing exposing me to knowledge beyond what formal education can teach.  A few years into fitness and recovery I decided to start competing in the fitness and bodybuilding world and that was also a priceless learning tool that added to my arsenal.  This journey has allowed me to constantly grow, bettering my life and benefiting the clients I work with.
For me this was a natural fit and does not feel like work but is second nature. My confidence in fitness, muscle and improving peoples health, is more like a 'knowing'.
"Feel the Power of Weight Training"